A Portrait A Day


Natasha Cunningham is a multi-talented portrait and graphic designer as well as an illustrator. In her popular and stunning portrait-a-day series she combines images of people with geometric shapes and natural elements flora and fauna. Very special!


Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Natasha is currently working in the field of branding, advertising and print design. She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from the Edna Manley College of the Visual Arts and eight years experience in the print and advertising space.

In her spare time, she creates artwork for her on-going series called ‘A Portrait Design a day’. This body of work can be described as a digital collage of photography and design elements. Each design tends to serve as a celebration, interpretation, documentation or story, which can sometimes take on a figurative meaning. Also, check out her Instagram account.

Natasha’s on-going series called ‘A Portrait Design a day’