Dino e Lucia – A dream collection for girls!


Mit einen Hauch von Humor und vor allem Romantik präsentiert das französische Label Dino e Lucia seine bezaubernde Herbst-Winter-Kollektion 2011/2012:

A breeze of humour and romance blows through the Autumn-Winter collection at Dino e Lucia. For everyday wear, these deceptively demure dresses in flannelette or wool are perfectly sophisticated with a small bow added to the waist or the neck on the bi-fabric dresses, combi pants, blazers and pleated skirts made in the purest “preppy” style – ultra trendy for the start of the 2011 school year…

Dino e Lucia - A dream collection for girls!
Ein Traum-Kollektion für Mädchen!

For special occasions, these outfits delightfully evoke the magical fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland: silk dresses enhanced with huge stripy or black velvet bows, enchanting dresses in printed silk chiffon with ruffles, a shower of sequins and the yoke sumptuously embroidered with large translucent stones…

Dino e Lucia - A dream collection for girls!
A dream collection for real girls!
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