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exhibit kids

Hello again, I love this idea – limited edition toddler tees designed by emerging artists worldwide! For their launch, exhibit kids selected designs represent six countries, five continents and six very individual styles. Their designs are carefully chosen by our panel of art aficionados and printed based on the response from our members. each exhibit kids design… Weiterlesen


Atelier Charivari – Vintage Kid’s Furniture from France

Atelier Charivari is a blog and a shop in Rouen, France. The owner Soizic Menut brings back life to old furnitures. When you see these furniture you can tell he has a good eye on what is worth restoring. The thing is to see the quality in the old pieces. This doesn’t mean surface… Weiterlesen


Tutu du Monde

Hello there, welcome to our new blog! Circus is a blog with news around children’s fun and fashion and a lot more …Here is our very first blog news for you with a lot more to come up –  enjoy!Fairy dust and secret games. Princess dresses and sparkle dreams. Every girls wants to be a… Weiterlesen


Party Time! Part one

Today we want to present you some ideas for your kid’s party time!Let’s start with Meri Meri from UK, they have the coolest party sets! If you have a big celebration planned, you’ve come to the right place. Their growing range of partyware brings you everything you need, from paper plates and napkins to table centerpieces… Weiterlesen


Nursing Chairs with flair – olli&ella

Nursery furniture has come a long way in the past ten years. It’s has become much easier to find nice, stylish furniture for baby’s room. Why should become a parent mean that you have to compromise your own sense of style? Products for your baby are a part of your life and home. Wouldn’t… Weiterlesen

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